GPS Video Services

The GPS  Online Learning Team is here for end-to-end support of your video production! Below are examples of typical services we offer.  Please contact a member of the team if you're interested, and we can set up a consultation.

General Feedback and Suggestions

If you teaching a GPS course and have any questions relating to creating or sharing video, feel free to reach out to a member of the GPS Online Learning Team.  Likewise, if you're interested in receiving feedback and suggestions for videos you have created, a team member would be happy to offer a "tune up" that could complement the quality and content of your recording.  Additionally, we could offer recommendations for new applications, tools, and strategies that could improve your course design and students' experience.

Coordinating Professional Video

To get the highest quality videos for your online course, the GPS Online Learning Team can coordinate shoots with a professional videographer. For more details and examples, see our Professional Video Services page.

Post-Production Editing

After you finish your recording, this "raw" video may contain the desired content, but it might also have a few rough edges that could be smoothed out.  The GPS Online Learning Team has access to video production software that can be used to do just that.  Typical post-production adjustments include:

  • Deleting "dead" time from the beginning or end of the video
  • Layering text or other annotations on top of your video
  • Editing out miscues
  • Segmenting long videos
  • Adding a title card to the video

See the video below for further explanation and examples.

Audio and Video Equipment

The GPS Online Learning Team has audio and video equipment that can give a professional look to your recordings.  The equipment can be lent upon request, and a GPS Online Learning Team member can provide set-up assistance. The equipment includes high definition webcams, professional quality microphones, and green screens.  If you're interested in a piece of equipment we don't carry, you can put in a request to order it.

Set-Up Services

Are you ready to record but uncertain how to set up your space and equipment? The GPS Online Learning Team can help! If you plan to record on campus, we could meet you and help set up your camera, microphone, lighting, and more!