Other Tools

Blackboard integrates with several 3rd party tools, like Zoom and Gradescope, that complement Blackboard's built-in features and allow users to access them via their UML username and password. Most of these tools are administered by UML's Information Technology unit. The list below provides a summary of the tools available to you via Blackboard, and links to support and contact information.

Echo360 Personal Capture

Echo360 is used to record and stream live classes on campus, but it can also be used by UML instructors to create do-it-yourself recordings on your local computer and for storing and streaming MP4 files. In terms of creating content for online courses, Echo360 Universal Capture is a great tool for recording audio, video and anything on your screen. You can also embed questions into your videos and track student engagement.  Recordings are automatically close captioned, captions can be edited, and instructors can integrate their Echo videos right into Blackboard.

Login to Echo360
Creating and Sharing Videos with Echo 360 Universal Capture and Zoom
UML Virtual Teaching Resource on Echo360
Universal Capture QuickStart Guide (.pdf)
Educause article - Putting Your Best Self Forward: 6 Keys For Filming Quality Videos


Zoom LogoNo explanation needed about Zoom! All active UML faculty, staff and enrolled students are provisioned Zoom accounts. Faculty can integrate Zoom into their Blackboard course sites, allowing them to schedule meetings, launch classes and office hours, and give students access to recorded sessions - all from within Blackboard.

UML Zoom Information 
Login to https://uml.zoom.us with your UML credentials
Add Zoom to Blackboard
Schedule a recurring Zoom meeting in Blackboard (.pdf)
UML Faculty Resources for Zoom 
Creating and Sharing Videos with Echo 360 Universal Capture and Zoom

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning LogoLinkedIn Learning provides faculty and students access to a wide range of online courses.  LinkedIn Learning courses can help users get the most out of standard applications (Excel Essential Training) , acquire in-demand skills (SQL Essential Training), and explore soft skills (Unconscious Bias) .  Through UML's license, faculty and students can take LinkedIn Learning courses and complete certification programs that can be added to their LinkedIn Learning profile.

For more information on LinkedIn Learning at UML, visit the IT Services page.



Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool native to Blackboard that requires no downloads and no additional integration. The functionality is very similar to Zoom - recurring meetings, screen-sharing, audio and video options, break out rooms, recorded sessions, etc... instructors can also view attendance reports with Collaborate and give student groups a Collaborate space.

Watch a brief overview of Blackboard Collaborate
Learn more about Blackboard Collaborate

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere logoPoll Everywhere is a student response system that can be used during class time - in-person or virtual - to engage your students. Faculty can create basic polls and show results, but there are many other features and options, including live Q&A, word clouds, clickable images, etc... UML has a site license for Poll everywhere, and it does integrate with Blackboard. For more information, contact BBhelp@uml.edu and request an account.

Learn more about Poll Everywhere


Gradescope logoGradescope offers some additional functionality with assignments, and efficiencies with grading them, that Blackboard's Assignments tool does not currently have. Highlights include workflows for TA grading, paper-based exam submissions, and programming assignments where students submit code.

Learn more about Gradescope assignment options
UML Gradescope information and resources page


Voicethread logoVoiceThread integrates with Blackboard and is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). As an example, an instructor could upload a video and enable student commenting. Or one could use a Voicethread as an introductory discussion thread to their course where students can see your intro and respond with their own via video, audio, or text. Instructors can also create a VoiceThread assignment where students either have to create their own thread, comment on an existing one, or watch an entire thread. 


Turn It In LogoTurnItIn is a plagiarism detection tool that integrates with Blackboard and allows faculty to create assignments that check student submissions for plagiarism. An "originality report" is created for each student submission that faculty can review. Faculty can also opt to allow students to run their assignments through TurnItIn before submitting.

Learn more about TurnItIn at UMass Lowell

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor LogoRespondus Monitor is a remote proctoring solution that GPS adopted for faculty to use if they require a more secure testing environment for online courses. It integrates with Blackboard so an exam can be set to require virtual proctoring. While taking a proctored exam, students cannot navigate to other websites or apps, and their activity is recorded for later review by the instructor. If you'd like to learn more about Respondus Monitor and options for remote proctoring, please contact onlinelearning@uml.edu

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