Grading & Exam Information

Grading deadlines

Fall and Spring grading deadlines

Final grades for the 2nd 8 week session and 15 week classes must be entered in SIS by the deadline set by the registrar's office.  Final grades for the first 8 week session and the 10 week session must be entered within 7 days of the close of the course.


FALL 2023 GPS session dates FALL 2023 GPS grading deadline
Full term on campus-15 week session 9/6/23 to 12/22/23 12/26/2023
Full term online- 15 week session 9/6/23 to 12/22/23 12/26/2023
10 week online 9/6/23 - 11/12/23 11/20/2023
8 week online session 1 9/6/23 to 10/29/23 11/6/2023
8 week online session 2 10/30/23 to 12/22/23 12/26/2023


Winter 2024 GPS session dates Winter 2024 GPS grading deadline
3 week online 12/27/23 - 1/14/24 1/22/2024
Spring 2024 GPS session dates Spring 2024 GPS grading deadline
15 week on campus and online  1/16/24 - 5/4/24 5/7/2024
10 week online  1/16/24 - 3/31/24 4/8/2024
CE: Eight Week- First Session  1/16/24 - 3/10/24 3/18/2024
CE: Eight Week- Second Session 3/11/24 - 5/4/24 5/7/2024


Summer grading deadlines

Final grades for 6 week Summer II classes, must be entered in SiS 48 hours after the end of the course. For Summer 2023, all grades must be submitted in SiS by 8/16/23 by 4 pm.  Final grades for 6 week Summer I, 8, 10 and 12 week sessions must be entered within 7 days of the close of the course.

Summer 2023 session dates Summer 2023 grading deadline
Full term 12 week on campus 5/15/23 - 8/4/23 8/11/2023
Full term 12 week online 5/15/23 -8/6/23 8/11/2023
Summer I -6 week 5/15/23 - 6/28/23 7/5/2023
Summer II-6 week 7/5/23 - 8/14/23 8/16/2023
10 week online 5/15/23 - 7/23/23 7/31/2023
10 week on campus 5/15/23 - 7/21/23 7/31/2023
8 week online 5/15/23 - 7/9/23 7/17/2023

Grade submission

Please follow the instructions below to enter grades:

Important note: after the grades are entered for your course, you must change the status to “approved” and save again in order for the grades to be posted.  

1.)   Go to the Faculty Center in SiS - Student Information System

2.)   Choose the grade roster for the course

3.)   Enter grades for the entire class

4.)   Click Save

5.)   Change approval status to Approved

6.) If grades of F are entered, the Student Last Date Attended window opens up.  Please choose for each student one of the following:

Please note an enhancement on grade rosters that request last date of attendance information for students who receive a grade of F. UMass Lowell does not require that faculty take attendance. However, the U.S. Department of Education requires the university to determine if a student who receives financial aid and fails to earn a passing grade in a course has actually attended and/or completed the course. Because a student could be a financial aid applicant at any point during the academic year, we must collect this information for all students, so that financial aid eligibility can be accurately determined.

Once you enter and approve your grades, if you have a student who has earned a grade of F, you will be prompted to enter last date of attendance information.

The options are:

  • Completed course- this has a check box
  • Never attended- this has a check box
  • Last date attended- this has a calendar which allows you to select the best known date.

If you do not take attendance, you should provide the date of the last known academically-related activity. Examples of academically-related activities are: taking an examination or quiz, tutorials, computer-assisted instruction, completing an academic assignment, paper, or project, or attending a study group required by the university where attendance is taken. According to federal regulations 34 CFR 668.277(I)(7)(I & ii), if there is no documented attendance or academically-related activity, you must select “Never Attended”.

7.) Click Save

Once you have done the above, a pop up message will appear stating that you have successfully submitted grades. An email will also be sent to your University of Massachusetts Lowell email account stating you have successfully submitted grades.

If you are having any problems, please call the Office of the Registrar at 978-934-2546 or email:

Grade Changes

If you need to change a grade from a prior semester, go to the following link:  to complete the "Faculty Grade Change" form.  For security purposes, faculty must use their UMass Lowell email.  Once the fields on the form are completed, there is a FINISH icon on bottom right.

Final Exam Schedule (On campus and Virtual Classroom)

Final Exams (face to face/hybrid classes)

Final exams are not scheduled separately in SiS, unless you are teaching a combined GPS/MSB evening class.  If you are holding a final exam in your face to face or hybrid class, please plan to administer it in one of your regular class meetings. Please see the GPS website for class meeting dates.