TA Blackboard Training

Welcome to the UMass Lowell Blackboard Training for TAs! 

blackboard logoBlackboard is the university's learning management system and, more likely than not, as a TA your professor will ask you to perform some tasks in Blackboard throughout the semester. Depending on the class and the instructor, this could include communicating with students, grading assignments, setting up TA office hours, sending class announcements, and managing content.

Important Information for TA's:
Please make sure you consult with your instructor before making any changes or additions to the Blackboard course.

The goal of this training site is to provide you with information and resources on how to perform common teaching assistant tasks in Blackboard. The menu is broken up into the following self-paced learning modules, and each module has information, how-to instructions, and demo videos to watch:

  1. Getting Started with Blackboard
    1. Access Blackboard
    2. Overview of the Blackboard Interface
    3. Add Tools to the Course Menu
  2. Communication Tools in Blackboard
    1. Send an Announcement
    2. Course Mail
    3. Discussions
  3. TA Office Hours
    1. Using Zoom
    2. Using Collaborate
  4. Managing Content
    1. Add Folders
    2. Add Items, Files, Blank Pages, and Web Links
    3. Set Release Dates for Items in Blackboard
  5. Grading Assignments, Discussions, and Tests
    1. Grading Assignments
    2. Grading Discussions
    3. Grading Tests
  6. The Grade Center
    1. Grade Center Overview
    2. Create Grade Center Columns
  7. And lastly, we have a printable Quickstart Blackboard Reference for TAs (PDF)  if you prefer a hard copy.

Technical Support

icon of a phone indicating 24 by 7 supportIf during the semester you have questions or run into any issues, please contact Tech Support and someone will be available to assist.

Go to Module 1: Getting Started with Blackboard