Echo 360 Universal Capture

Echo 360 Universal Capture allows its users to record videos from their webcam, desktop or both. In other words, an instructor could record a video of themselves speaking, a video of a presentation or document on their desktop, or a video in which half of the screen is the instructor speaking and the other half is the presentation or document.

Once a recording is completed, it is automatically uploaded to the Echo 360 Library, and it can be embedded on an instructor’s Blackboard page.

Creating Echo 360 Universal Capture Videos

  • To use Universal Capture, go to your Echo 360 Library ( ).
  • “Create” and “New Capture”.
  • If the Universal Capture application is already installed on your computer, it will automatically open.
  • If not, select the link to download it.

Demonstration Video: Universal Capture for both PC and MAC – recording platform | Echo360