How do my students access Zoom recordings?

If you have added Zoom as a tool to your Blackboard course, then any meeting that you have scheduled via Blackboard and recorded will be available to your students right from Blackboard. No need to send links every week - let students know they can access recorded class sessions directly from Blackboard.

Once logged into your course site on Blackboard, students can:

  1. Click on the Zoom tool. This might be in your left-hand menu, or it might be added to a folder somewhere - it all depends on where you added Zoom.
  2. Once in the Zoom meetings area of your course, students will see Upcoming Meetings by default. Instruct them to click on Cloud Recordings to view a list of recorded class sessions (see image below).
  3. Students can click on the meetings in the Topic column and get options to view and download each recording, depending on your Zoom recording settings.

Screenshot of Zoom Cloud Recordings area for studentsBlackboard Guides