How do I add Zoom to my course and schedule Zoom meetings?

Add Zoom to your Blackboard course menu and schedule meetings

Note: You need a UML Zoom account and you need to have logged into the Zoom account for the integration to work -

  1. Make sure Edit Mode is ON
  2. Click the “+” sign in the left-hand menu and select Tool Link

    Blackboard menu that shows how to add Zoom
  3. Select Zoom Meeting under Type. For the sake of consistency for students in online courses, please name the link to Zoom “Chat”
  4. Check the box Available to Users so that students can see and access the link to Zoom
  5. Click Submit and you will see a new link to Chat in the left-hand menu. Click this link to open Zoom and schedule meetings for your class.

To schedule Zoom meetings for your class:

  1. Click on the new link you created above and Zoom will launch. It may take a few seconds to authenticate to your UML Zoom account. You will see the screen below when it connects. Note that with the Blackboard-Zoom integration, you will see by default only meetings you have scheduled for this class (currently none). You can view all of your Zoom meetings if you like by clicking the All My Zoom Meetings/Recordings link.Zoom screen in Blackboard showing no scheduled meetings
  2. Click the Schedule a New Meeting button
  3. Choose your meeting specifications and click Save. Some highlights and suggestions:
    1. Make the Topic of your meeting something helpful, like "Office Hours" or "Class Sessions". The default is the name of your Blackboard site.
    2.  You can create a recurring meeting via this interface - set the day, time, etc... and check the Recurring Meeting box and you will see the options for scheduling these.
    3. Registration doesn't need to be required since your students can join right from your Blackboard course
    4. Other settings are up to you, but be aware of Zoombombing and how to avoid it by visiting IT's Zoom support page.
  4. After saving, you will see something like the image below. From here, you can Start your meetings, edit and delete them. Students will see a Join button next to each meeting. Also, recorded meetings will be available to students via the Cloud Recordings button.image of the Blackboard Zoom integration, list of scheduled meetings


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