Sharing a White Board in Zoom

The Zoom white board is a quick and easy way to elicit contributions from students. Participants in Zoom meetings can contribute to the discussion by adding annotations such as text, drawings, and shapes to a shared white board.

  • From your Zoom menu, select “Share Screen” then “White Board”. You will have your annotation menu at the top of the screen.
  • From there, you can use your annotation menu to add a range of text, graphics, and shapes.
  • Students can add to the white board by going to the “View Options” menu at the top of their screen, then “Annotate”.

Ideas for using the Zoom White Board in your class:

  • Use the shapes option to create a table with several different categories
  • After discussing a certain concept, use the "shapes" option to create a table. Each column can be a separate category, and students add information to each column based on content from the lecture
  • Use the "shapes" option to create a Venn Diagram.  Student add information to each circle or the overlapping section
  •  Use the "Text" tool to write a question and students respond in the blank area

Demonstration video of sharing a whiteboard and setting up several activities:



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