Polling in Zoom

Share a poll in Zoom to get real-time responses from students. You can create your polls prior to your meeting or “on-the-fly”

Creating Polls Prior to Meeting

  • Go to your Zoom profile, select the scheduled meeting you’d like to add a poll to, scroll to the bottom, then “Create”.
  • During your meeting, select “Polling” from the Zoom menu, then “Launch Poll”. To change poll questions, select the drop-down arrow at the top left of your poll menu.

Demonstration Video:

Ideas for using Zoom polls created prior to your meeting:

Before your lecture, create polls to launch at the beginning, middle, and end.

  • Beginning: Create a poll with several questions to help you be familiar with students' prior knowledge of the concepts you will discuss.  This will help you identify areas of your lecture to emphasize or de-emphasize.
  • Middle: Create several multiple choice poll questions that will help you determine if students are on track, or if you need to review or restate concepts from earlier in the lecture. In the middle of the lecture, launch the poll and proceed as necessary.
  • End: Create several questions covering the key points of your lecture.  Based on student responses, you can spend time reviewing the points or proceed as planned


Create Polls “On-the-fly”

  • During your meeting, select “Polling” from your Zoom menu then “add question”.
  • You will be taken to your Zoom profile, where you can create your poll.
  • After creating your poll, select “launch”, and the poll will be available to your students.

Demonstration Video:

Ideas for using Zoom polls created "on the fly":

  • While discussing a group assignment you had planned, you get the feeling that students might prefer to complete it individually.  You create a poll to assess their preferences.
  • You finished a particularly important section of your lecture, and you've had relatively little feedback from students throughout the session.  You advise the students of the importance of the topic and create a poll asking if they'd prefer to move on or spend more time on the previous section.
  • Attendance in your office hour chat sessions has been low.  After a lecture, you launch a poll asking if students would prefer to have office hours at a different time.

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