Interactive Slides in Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a student response system that can be used during class time to engage your students. Faculty can create basic polls and show results, but there are many other features and options, including live Q&A, word clouds, clickable images, etc... UML has a site license for Poll everywhere, and it integrates with Blackboard.

Creating Activities

  • Go to and sign in with your UML credentials.
  • In Poll Everywhere, an interactive poll is called an “activity”. To create an activity, click on “+ activity”.
  • You have a range of “types” of activities to choose from. Explore the different types of activities and select the one that fits best with your question or prompt.
  • Write your question or prompt and then select “Create”. Your activity will be added to your activities list.

You can also create folders and subfolders of activities. This is ideal to organize activities for a particular day or course.

Sharing Activities through the Poll Everywhere site

  • Have your activity or activities ready on During a Zoom meeting, share your browser with your students.
  • Select the “Full Screen” option on your activity. Then it will activate, and students will be able to participate.
  • Advise students to use a web browser on their phones or computers and go to the web address at the top of the activity*.
  • After one activity is complete, you can navigate to the next one with the arrow at the bottom of the screen.

Demonstration Video:

Students can respond to Multiple Choice and Open-Ended activities through text messages rather than going to a web site. In order to enable text messaging, go to the activity and select the “Configure” option at the top right.  Then, make sure that “Text Messaging” is selected.

Embedding Poll Everywhere activities in other apps

Idea for using Poll Everywhere in your course:

Before a lecture, students are asked to think of one word they associate with a certain concept and type it into the Poll Everywhere slide.  After all students submit, the instructor shows a word cloud based on their responses.  Instructor and students discuss results of word cloud.


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