How do I send a Mail message within Blackboard to my students?

The Blackboard Course Messages tool is an internal message tool that functions much like email. The messages are accessed through Blackboard and stay within Blackboard.

Each Blackboard course has a separate Mail tool; if users have multiple courses, they will need to go to each course to read any messages there.

Users can  access any Mail messages sent to them within a course by clicking on Mail on the Course Menu.

Blackboard does have a convenient indicator to alert users to new messages when they first login to Blackboard. The Course Messages box will indicate any new unread messages organized by courses. Clicking on the link will take users to the messages within that course.

To send a Mail message:

  1. Click on Mail on the Course Menu.
  2. Click Create Message.
  3. Click on To to view the recipients in the course. Highlight the name or names in the left-hand column and click the top arrow to move the name to the Recipient column.
  4. Add the subject and the message.
  5. Click Submit to send the message.

Note: Some faculty like this option of all course-related communications being kept within Blackboard, while others prefer to use UML email to communicate with students.

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