How do I import final course grades from Blackboard into SiS?

  1. Check your grade center to make sure you have a column with a green check called SiS Grade. 
  1. Manually enter the final grades into this column by clicking on the -- symbol in each cell.

Important: your letter grades must match the official UML undergraduate or graduate letter grades in order to be posted in SiS.

  1. Login to SiS and go to your course’s final grade roster.
  1. Click the Blackboard Import button at the top left of the screen
  1. You will get the following message - click OK to proceed
  1. A confirmation message will appear telling you how many grades were successfully imported. Make sure to check it carefully.
  1. If you see any exceptions listed in the confirmation message, click Blackboard Exceptions link under the Import button and review the problems.
  2. After the grades are imported, check them carefully and correct any if Click Save. 
  1. When all grades are corrected and finalized, select Approve next to Approval Status and then click Save to post them in SiS for students to see.

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