How do I add folders and content (i.e., syllabus) to my course?

To create a folder

You can use folders in Blackboard to organize materials and activities on the Home Page. For example, you can create folders to hold all your handouts or assignments. Or create a folder for each week of your course.

  1. Make sure Edit Mode is On.
  2. Click on Build Content > Content Folder.
  3. Enter the folder name and click Submit.

Add Content in Blackboard

The best way to add content (such as slides or your syllabus) to your course folders is to use the Build Content > Item option. An "item" in Blackboard is a versatile content display option that allows you to attach files, add a brief description and easily overwrite content with changes. All files that you upload to Blackboard are stored in the Content Collection under Control Panel > Content Collection > your course number and available for you to reuse anywhere in the course.

Tip: Organize content by placing them into folders. Uploading content directly on the home page of the course is not recommended as the home page would get cluttered and students may have a hard time finding items.

To add an Item and attach a file to the Item

  1. Make sure Edit mode is
  2. Click on the Folder in which you want to add the file.
  3. Click Build Content and then Item, as shown below:
  4. In the Name box, type a name for the file, such as “Syllabus”.
  5. In the Text box, type any information you have for students regarding the file. Please try to limit to two lines for accessibility requirements.
  6. In the Attachments section, browse local files select the file you want to upload:
  1. Click Submit.

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