How do I create an assignment?

  1. Make sure the Edit Mode is On.
  2. Click Assessments > Assignment.
  3. Enter an assignment name.
  4. Enter brief instructions (1-2 lines of text is recommended for accessibility). If you have lengthy assignment instructions, think about attaching a PDF under Assignment Files
  5. Set a Due Date.
  6. Enter maximum points possible for the assignment.

Optional Settings:

  • Expand Submission Details if you need to change assignment from individual to group and/or number of attempts allowed
  • Expand Grading Options if you need to assign TA or Grader to grade the assignment
  • Expand Display of Grades if you want to change grading type or assignment column visibility for students
  • Add a rubric for grading
  • Set a cutoff date by using Available Until date.
  • Click Submit to save.


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