Working with Captions in Echo 360

All videos that you use in your course should be captioned, and Echo 360 makes the process rather easy. After a video uploaded to the Echo 360 library, a transcript is automatically generated. 

  • Go to your Echo 360 Library at Find the video you want to work with, select the option menu More Actions and then Edit Transcript. 
  • If you recently uploaded the video, there might be some processing time before the transcript is ready. 
  • Now, you see your video with the auto-generated transcript and time markers. 
  • To use the auto-generated transcripts, select "Apply to CC".
  • Even though auto-generated transcripts are getting more and more accurate, there are usually discrepancies with spelling or word choice. Review the transcripts and edit as necessary.
  • When you’re finished, select save as new version. Then, make sure that the version you just saved is chosen, then select Apply to CC. Then, the CC option will be available to viewers of the video. 
  • At any time, you can edit the transcript and create a new version of the captions. 

Demonstration Video: 

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