Weekly Folder Design

Our weekly folder design determines how our students access course information, learning materials, and assignments. Students should be presented with a clear and direct path towards all learning content, rather than having to take numerous twists and turns through the weekly folder.  The fewer clicks, the better!

In order to provide effective and straightforward weekly folder design, follow the guidelines below.  In addition, see the video for examples of best practices.

All weekly folders should include:

1. Agenda with items the following items:

a. Weekly Introduction (text or video)

  • Possible Topics to discuss:
    • General mass feedback for tasks due previous week
    • Highlights / challenges with course material
    • review any topics that might have caused trouble
    • Preview coming week's lesson
    • Emphasize weekly goals / key points
    • Provide a teaser for weekly lesson
    • Present questions that will be answered through course content
    • Reminders of due dates

b. Weekly Goals

  • What the students should have achieved by the end of the week

C. To-Do List

  • What to do and when it’s due

2) Logical, Orderly, and Consistent organization and sequence of materials and tasks

  • Students should be able to access all course materials with little to no effort.
  • If you have a high volume of course materials, separate folders should be used to store similar content, e.g., separate folders for learning materials, tasks, and assignments
  • Make sure that all materials are easily accessed from the student perspective.
  • The way you organize the materials in your weekly folders should remain consistent each week.

Video:  Dos and Don'ts of Weekly Folder Design