Tools and Documentation

    • Primary focus is on Blackboard, but we will include some LTI tools; Could be a basic page w/ segmented lists of documentation linking out to pages or PDFs. If WordPress has a way to do a knowledge base sort of site then that would be great. I don’t think Blogs > Categories will work well b/c users will want a specific topic and to scan a list. For example:
      • Start of Term Blackboard Help
        • How do I copy a course from a past term into my current term? (link to resource)
        • How do I get started with my blank course site?
        • How do I add tools to the left-hand menu?
        • How do I add and schedule Zoom meetings?
        • How do I check my roster in BB?
        • Etc…
      • Adding Content in Blackboard
        • Link
        • Link