Shared Documents with Office 365


With Office 365, you can prepare documents to share with your students or groups.   Each document can have a question or prompt, and the students all contribute to the document.

  • Go to office 365 at
  • Select a type of document. For a basic question / answer task, choose Word. Name your file, for example “Chapter 1 Questions Group 1”. Then add your questions.
  • If you’re using this for groups, remember that each group needs a different document. You can make copies of your original document and rename them.
  • To share the document, select the “Share” option. In the Link Settings, select “Anyone with the Link”, check the “Allow Editing” box and then “Apply”.  Copy the share link.
  • In your Zoom meeting, share the link in the chat. If you want groups to have their own documents, make sure to clarify which document is for which group. For example, you can type in the chat “Group 1: [paste link for Group 1 doc]”

Demonstration Video:

Idea for using Shared Documents in your class:

At the beginning of class, students are put in breakout rooms with a shared document for each group.  The shared document has open-ended questions related to the past week's required reading. As a group, students answer questions.  After ten minutes, the class reconvenes.  The instructor shares each group's document to the whole class while commenting on answers and eliciting feedback from the group.


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