Recording, Saving, and Accessing your Zoom Recording 

Start a Zoom meeting. In your meeting, go to your menu and select the “record” button. 

You will have the option to save your recording to your computer or to the cloud. Because doing this over time can take up a significant amount of storage on your hard drive, it’s recommended to save recordings to the cloud. 

Once you make your selection, the recording will begin. You can pause or stop the recording from your menu. 

If you saved your recording to your computer, it will be in a Zoom folder in your Documents folder. 

If you saved your recording to the cloud, it can be accessed in two places. 

  •  you can access it from your UML Zoom profile (go to and then “recordings”). Note that Zoom recordings are automatically deleted after 120 days, but you can download them to your computer any time before that. 
  •  you can access it in your Echo 360 Library (go to Unlike on your Zoom profile, recordings in the Echo 360 Library are not automatically deleted. 

Demonstration Video: