Predictable Navigation in Blackboard

Many UML students enrolled in an online course may enroll in several online courses throughout their program of study. Predictable navigation and an overall consistent experience with the interface and naming conventions is very helpful - specifically for students with some disabilities, but also for all students.

There is a lot of customization that can be done in Blackboard, but in GPS we ask faculty to follow the three practices below as a baseline to maintaining an overall predictable and consistent experience for students in online courses:

  • Stick with the default, out-of-the-box theme in Blackboard
  • Use the standard GPS left-hand navigation  - the image below illustrates the standard navigation, where "Chat" may link to Zoom or Collaborate.

image of the left-hand course menu in Blackboard

  • Use the standard GPS homepage template - Online courses at UML are organized into weeks of content. We ask that you have a Start Here folder, that includes a syllabus, a welcome letter/video, and anything else you need to convey about your class. And faculty should have a folder for each week of the class with a topic title. you may wish to also include dates, but know that this is something that would need to change every semester.

Image of a homepage in Blackboard, depicting folders with weekly dates


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