Online Course Design Draft

In a face-to-face class, we rarely regard our lesson planning as “design”.  We typically develop our lessons, assignments, projects, and exams according to our previous experience as instructors and learners.  Over time, we naturally develop a strong sense of what works for ourselves and our students, and we address any concerns as they arise. In a face-to-face class, we can quickly answer any questions about course content, assignments, or expectations.  Additionally, we receive instant feedback on students’ grasp of the material, which further informs our instructional approach and pace.  In fact, we come to expect that no matter how carefully we plan each detail of our semester, an adjustment will be necessary. In face-to-face classes, students are supported not only through thoughtfully planned instruction, but also through adaptations informed by organic interaction with learners.

Course Planning 

Weekly Folder Design

Content Development


Course Management and Improvement