Module 6: The Grade Center

The Grade Center is the instructor's (and TAs) view of all student grades. Students see a reflection of this in their My Grades tool, but the Grade Center is where an instructor can organize columns, manage the gradebook, view student progress and grades, create calculated columns, and convert grades to letter grades. Generally, TAs use the grade center to enter grades and provide feedback to students.

To access the Grade Center, click Grade Center > Full Grade Center under Control Panel on the left. Columns are automatically created in the grade center by Blackboard if an instructor has assignments, tests or graded discussions created in the course.

Visit this page for a detailed grade center overview:

TAs should not modify an existing Grade Center without first checking in with the instructor.
The Grade Center is a bit complicated, has a lot of options, and can be difficult to repair once assignments, tests and grades start coming in.
Please, proceed with caution...


Create Grade Center Columns

Manual Columns

In some cases, a column needs to be created manually if it's not connected to a graded assignment, test or discussion forum (for example, an Extra Credit column).

  1. Click Create Column button at the top left of the Full Grade Center screen.
  2. Enter the column name
  3. Enter maximum points possible
  4. Click Submit

Calculated Columns

Calculated columns can be used to track student grade average, final course grade and/or a sum of all grades in the course. There are several different types of calculated columns available. Most commonly used one is Weighted Total. To create a Weighted Total column that will calculate final grade or average:

  1. Click Grade Center > Full Grade Center
  2. Click Create Calculated Column
  3. Click Weighted Total
  4. Enter the column name
  5. Select Columns or Categories to include by moving them over to the right side
  6. Enter percentage of total course grade each column or category is worth
  7. Click Submit to save changes