Introduction to Teaching Online with Blackboard

Introduction to Teaching Online with Blackboard is a six-week, fully online, asynchronous course for faculty who are new to online teaching, either developing a new course or working with a previously developed course.

The course gives faculty hands-on access to Blackboard. And it explains how to use the various tools. And includes best practices for teaching an accessible and effective online course.

Each week addresses a specific topic, and has specific required short readings, activities, and assignments. The weekly assignments or activities are individual steps toward building your course and learning how to run it.

The readings and activities are designed to:

  • Familiarize you with the specific policies and protocols of teaching an online course through Graduate, Online & Professional Studies.
  • Help you build a course that is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), FERPA, and copyright compliant.
  • Train you to develop and teach your online course in Blackboard.

Faculty can expect to spend 4 -6 hours a week on the training, although you could require more time depending on a variety of factors.

Twice during the training there will be two optional, real-time chat opportunities that are. During these chats we will be discussing Blackboard tools in a hands-on environment, and allowing for questions, too. These will take place within Blackboard using their real-time chat tool called Blackboard Ultra.