How can I be notified when a student sends me a message from Blackboard?

Instructors can receive an email notification when a students sends you a message in Blackboard. You will still have to login to Blackboard to respond directly, but at least you can be notified if you would like to receive these notifications from Blackboard.

  1. Go to BB, click the drop-down arrow next to your name (upper-right), click Settings and then Edit Notification Settings
  2. Under Bulk Edit Notification Settings, choose Courses I am Teaching
  3. Make sure All is selected (this will change the setting for all of your courses). The Notification Destinations should have your UML email address, and then find Course Message Received in the list. Check the middle box for Email and then Submit. Blackboard will now send an email notification to your UML email address anytime a course message is sent to you from one of the courses you selected.
  4. Double-check – back at the Notification Settings screen, you should now see an exclamation point icon warning you that things have changed. Click one of the courses that has this, make sure the Email box is still checked.
  5. Test – Since this involves course communication, please check to make sure that this is working. Go to Student View in one of the courses, send the instructor (you) an email, wait a few minutes and it should forward to your UML account. A sample email notification is below – it comes from donotreply@blackboard and contains a link to read the message.
  6. Repeat - You will need to set this up each semester for every course that you wish to receive email notifications from. 

screenshot of an email notification from Blackboard


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