Recording Video for your Course

Both Echo 360 Universal Capture and Zoom are UML-licensed applications that you can use to record videos for your course. 


Zoom is a video conferencing application that can also be used to make course videos. Instructors can host a meeting by themselves and record a video. Any content that they share (desktop, white board, application, etc.) will be recorded as well. 

Once a video is recorded on Zoom, the instructor can share a link to the cloud recording. Also, when a Zoom video is recorded on the cloud, it will be automatically uploaded to the Echo 360 Library, and it can be embedded on an instructor’s page. 

Echo 360 Universal Capture 

Echo 360 Universal Capture allows its users to record videos from their webcam, desktop or both. In other words, an instructor could record a video of themselves speaking, a video of a presentation or document on their desktop, or a video in which half of the screen is the instructor speaking and the other half is the presentation or document. 

Once a recording is completed, it is automatically uploaded to the Echo 360 Library, and it can be embedded on an instructor’s Blackboard page. To get to the Echo 360 Library, go to and sign in with your UML credentials 

Which is best for you? 

Both options allow instructors to create videos of themselves and course materials. However, they are unique applications that present different experiences to the user. To determine which is best for you, it is highly recommended to make test recordings on both and choose the one that works best for you. For demonstrations on making recordings with both, see the videos below. 

Demonstration: Creating Echo 360 Universal Capture Videos 

  • To use Universal Capture, go to your Echo 360 Library. 
  • “Create” and “New Capture”. 
  • If the Universal Capture application is already installed on your computer, it will automatically open. 
  • If not, select the link to download it. 

Demonstration Video: Universal Capture for both PC and MAC - recording platform | Echo360 

Demonstration Video: Creating Zoom Videos 

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