5 Step Guide for On-Campus Graduate Instructors Getting Started with GPS Blackboard

Step 1: Access your Summer 2022 course(s) on GPS Blackboard

During the week of April 11th, you should be able to access your Summer 2022 course(s) on GPS Blackboard. Login to GPS Blackboard and make sure your Summer 2022 course(s) are there.

If you are going to start adding and building content from scratch, there is no need to review the rest of the steps below. Contact tech support if you need assistance or if you don’t see your course(s). And please review our Blackboard Guides for help with common BB tasks.

If you would like to copy an entire course that you previously taught into your Summer 2022 course, move on to Step #2…

Step #2: Access and review the old course you would like to copy

You should see all of your recently-taught courses on GPS Blackboard. Look to make sure everything is in order and that the course is ready to be copied. If you don’t see a course or there is something wrong with your course, contact onlinelearning@uml.edu or one of the team listed here directly.

Please also note if copying an on-campus Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 courses that all of your links to 3rd party tools, like Zoom and Gradescope, are going to need to be re-linked after you copy the course over. This will be a quick process for most users, and we’re here to help if you run into any issues. You can remove those links now, or after you copy the course.

Step #3: Copy an entire course from a past semester into the blank course site for the current semester

Instructors who are teaching online courses can now copy an old course into a new Blackboard site. Once copied over, the old course is in tact, and you can edit the new version as you wish in preparation for the new semester. Watch the brief video below to learn how to copy a course, or visit the text instructions.

Instructions on how to copy an entire course into a blank course

Step #4: Go to the Summer 2022 course that you just copied content into

When Step #3 is complete (you will receive an email when the process is done, but it usually only takes a minute), go to your Summer 2022 course and confirm that the copying of content worked and that everything is in order.  You will need to adjust assignment dates and due dates, but all of your content should be exactly as they were in the old version.

Also check the left-hand Course Menu to make sure none of your links were duplicated during the process.

Step #5: Prepare the course for 

When we moved Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Blackboard sites from the IT instance of Blackboard to the GPS instance, your course links to 3rd party tools, like Zoom and Gradescope, broke. If you copied a course from Fall 2020 or Spring 2021, then you will need to re-link all 3rd party tools that you want to keep using during Spring 2022. If you use the following tools, please delete any links to them, and then re-add the tool: Zoom, Gradescope, Poll Everywhere, Echo360

If you just copied a Fall 2021 course into your Spring 2022 course site, then you probably already dealt with these 3rd-party tool links and they should work okay. 

Technical Support